Viking Software is a software consultancy company with a focus on Qt based software.

Our Services

We specialize in Qt development because it is our belief that Qt is the best framework available for building applications. Our developers have passed all Qt certifications.

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Embedded Linux applications with demanding graphical user interfaces is one of our special focus areas. Our developers know how to implement your specification of the perfect UI on your Linux based device.

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Desktop Windows and Mac applications are as important as ever. We can implement full applications, from idea to a working installer. Or we can help your team develop parts of the application.

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Case Studies


An online gaming control system from Super Computer International. We implemented the entire first version of the Windows based client for SCI using Qt.

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A product for cutting out parts of pictures. It can run as a standalone application or as a Photoshop plugin.

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Swiss based Poken wanted an application for several phones. The tasks involved graphics and styling code, client server communication through an XML RPC system.

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Featured Articles


Xml/Json Comparison

Recently I needed to implement a client application that would fetch data from a web service. The client had to be written in C++ using the Qt 5.4 libraries, the server was already running Apache2 with php 5.something but the …

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Building Qt 5.4 on Windows

In this blog post I will go through the process of building a 32 bit Qt 5.4 with OpenSSL support on Windows. I will use Windows 8.1 64 bit and Visual Studio 2013, but there should only be minor things …

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Encapsulation in QML Components

In QML, it’s so easy to use properties of components directly, and it’s even the way most examples do it. But here’s my quesion: If we consider this the wrong approach in C++, isn’t it wrong in QML as well? …

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